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Most of these are Akatsuki icons! And with Lily's art, since she's amazing. With a few extras tacked on the end. ♥

[ 62 icons ]
26 deidara
4 itachi/deidara
1 sasori/deidara
3 sasori
2 itachi/kisame
12 kisame
9 kyuubi
5 other (hidan, tobi, sasuke, ita/sasu, naru/sasu)

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Fanart and anime images here! Most of the fanart is from Pixiv, with a touch of 10-Ranaki, while the rest of it's from Photobucket & Google images.


[ 67 icons ]
10 naruto
2 itachi
11 sasuke
1 naruto family!
3 kushina
3 kyuubi
1 team 7
16 sasu/naru
6 ita/sasu
7 ita/naru
1 kakashi/naruto
1 naru/sai
1 kyuubi/sasu/naru
1 sasu/naru/sai
1 ita/sasu/naru
1 temari
1 shikamaru/temari

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Both fanart and anime images in this batch, and most of it's credited in Resources. If you want to know a particular artist just ask ♥ although, some of them I have no idea because I was trolling photobucket while looking for images. And some of them were snagged off a fan-collaboration tumblr. /fails. Also there's a repeat Sasuke because I had to recrop it to fit LJ.

[ 45 icons ]
8 sasuke
5 naruto
1 gaara
1 rock lee
20 tsunade
5 sasu/naru
1 ita/kyuubi
2 ita/sasu
2 supa gay necklaces

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Fanart! Images by Twinge and 10-Rankai, but I'm unsure of the artist of the last two icons. ): If you know who it is/the link to their site let me know! Images are kinda sorta NSFW.

[ 43 icons ]
43 various naruto/sasuke is compromising positions
1 - 28 twinge's doujin: Small Beasts of the Forest
29 twinge
30 - 41 10-rankai

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Okay who isn't excited about this game. :| Srsly. This batch of icons can be used for bases if you so wish it becauuuuse my program doesn't have Supa Cool Fonts And Such. Just let me know if you're going to do it so I don't go D:

[ 24 icons ]
the Legend of Zelda; Skyward Sword
19 link
5 various

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Fanart! All by Mirai-Kouku. Link is in resources!

[ 40 icons ]
3 itachi
6 naruto
8 sasuke
4 sakura
1 sasu/saku
9 sasu/naru
1 naru/saku
5 ita/sasu
3 sasu/naru/saku

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Mostly fanart- almost all of these are by the artist 10-Rankai (you'll find the link to that site in my resources post). 27 and the Naruko icon images I found surfing around so if you know the artist, pls let me know. ♥

[ 48 icons ]
21 sasuke
20 naruto
4 naruko
2 sasuke/naruto
1 itachi

usuratonkachi. )
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So I just saw How To Train Your Dragon yesterday and OH GOD it was so cute. And I was unable to avoid the cute, hence the icons. I would definitely suggest this movie to everyone. If you haven't seen it yet, you should check it out. The Etrian Odyssey icons are from all across the interwebs (seriously, three hours of searching, and this is all the art I found of this character), but unfortunately my computer is on the fritz so I've lost the addresses to where I found the fanart. If anyone recognizes something, please let me know. :3

[ 19 icons ]
How To Train Your Dragon
1 hiccup
8 toothless & toothless/hiccup

Etrian Odyssey
10 dark hunter

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Pretty well all of the images from these icons I found on Deviant Art by scrolling through the many pages of fanart. If you want any specifics let me know! Same as before, icons are credited in the filename to this journal or my personal one. Enjoy!

[ 66 icons ]
The Legend of Zelda
20 link (twilight princess & ocarina of time)
11 wolf!link
14 midna (imp & twili)
6 zelda
13 link/midna
2 link/amaterasu

link, he come to town, come to save the princess zelda~ )
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Alright! Here is the first batch. All of the picture file names should have the name of either this journal, or my personal journal. The reason they're different is because I didn't go back through them all to edit and redirect to this journal but... eh. It's essentially the same thing. ♥ All images should be credited to the sites in my Resource post. If you notice I missed something, please let me know!

[ 78 icons ]
Fatal Frame
2 chitose
6 itsuki
10 mutsuki
4 itsuki/mutsuki
18 kei
11 mafuyu
1 kei/mafuyu
3 miku
1 mio/mayu
8 reika
4 sae
8 yuu
2 other

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